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Material damage to the building and / or common furniture resulting from multiple causes is covered. Basic guarantees include fire, explosion, water damage or theft, as well as the civil liability guarantee that the community may have against third parties or even homeowners.   Having a well-designed community policy, without underinsurance, allows us not to have any other insurance that covers the continent of our home, as long as we have not made improvements on the continent, we will only have to have additional coverage for the content. This means a direct saving, you will not need to have any other insurance with the financial institution to guarantee the building, it will be enough to apply for an insurance certificate from the community policy.


The community must be insured because it is the perfect solution for your building to deal with unforeseen events that deteriorate the value of your property. Community Property Insurance must have at least a Fire and Liability C

The price is very variable, it depends on the size of the community, the quality of construction, the age of the building, whether or not it has gardens. That’s why we’re here to try and help you find the product that best suits your needs.

The continent is the structure of the building or what is the same all the elements such as floors, walls, stairs, walls, pillars, doors, glass, roofs and so on. Fixed and common heating and cooling installations, as well as other elements of common use such as lifts, forklifts, fixed sports facilities (such as swimming pools or tennis courts) or elements are also considered continental. decorative materials that are fixed to the walls (such as plaster, wallpaper, mirrors, wooden frames, etc.)   Content is all the moving elements found in common areas. For example, a light on the portal or pots on the landings will be considered as content. Likewise, the utensils used by the workers of the farm, such as the cleaning elements, are also considered as content.

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