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This insurance guarantees the provision of medical, hospital and / or surgical care at the time you need it, as well as that you have no worries if you need sick leave. Your health is in your day to day and, therefore, our coverage and our services seek to improve your well-being and your quality of life. As each person is different, with this insurance you can choose several modalities that best suit your needs. That way, you'll be paying for the guarantees you really need. The price of this insurance will depend on the type chosen and the age of the insured.


When a health insurance includes grace periods implies that you have to wait a certain time to be able to benefit from the advantages of the policy to be able to access certain guarantees. The companies establish this period to protect themselves from those customers who are only discharged to solve a disease or a medical need and who, once resolved, are discharged.

At the time of wanting to take out a Health policy, the company makes us fill in a questionnaire in which it must be indicated if you have suffered or are suffering from any illness or injury, as well as if you have undergone any operation of any kind. This is not to say that you cannot access the benefits of health insurance, but the insurer can offer you a range of products that suit your circumstances. It is essential to notify them to the entity. In fact, if the insurer detects that the disease already existed prior to signing it can cancel the coverage of medical expenses, hence the importance of being completely honest in the health questionnaire that you must fill out when hiring the policy, so that in the future you know what guarantees you are really entitled to, intended to cover new pathologies.

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