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Electric scooters

Civil liability for electric scooters

Electric scooters

This increase has already caused some incidents with both pedestrians and other vehicles. One of the needs that has arisen is to take out insurance to be covered for possible accidents or problems. Users can wear a helmet, elbows, knee pads or even reflective vests, but despite all the precautions we can take, as when driving other vehicles, it was okay to be insured. For this reason it is important to have liability insurance in these cases. This insurance covers damage caused unintentionally to third parties by the ownership and / or use of the electric scooter / bike.   Guarantees: Civil liability with capital from 60,000 euros to 1,200,000 euros and sublimits per victim from 60,000 euros to 600,000 euros. (No deductible or with a deductible of 150 euros.) Accident coverage for death and permanent disability up to 30,000 euros.  Health care (cash on delivery) of 1,500 euros.  Criminal defense and damages claim of 6,000 euros, including advice and telephone consultation service.


NO, but recommended. The best alternative so that you do not have to answer with all the patrimony in front of an accident with damages to third parties is to contract a civil liability insurance that covers the damages that possibly can cause

The scooter must be identified, informing the identification number, make and model, together with the invoice.

No, this insurance is for each vehicle. It’s like we’re insuring a car. The natural person holding the electric scooter or electric bike will be considered Insured when the object is as such in the Particular Conditions of the policy.

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