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Car insurance is an insurance contract that covers the risks inherent in driving the insured vehicle. It covers damage to third parties (other vehicles, things, pedestrians or the occupants of the insured vehicle themselves) by the insured vehicle, together with the legal defense. Damage to the vehicle itself, windows, fire, theft, accident insurance and travel assistance can also be covered. In the regular consultations we do, we review the price of your insurance, comparing it with other companies, and if the difference is worth it, we propose a change. In the study we carry out, we take into account the guarantees of the policy and the after-sales service of the insurance company.


Having a vehicle implies the obligation to take out an insurance policy. This policy has a premium that can vary depending on various functions: guarantees you want to hire, power of the vehicle, age of the driver, characteristics of the vehicle ....

It is a monetary amount that the insured must assume in the event of an accident and it is the fault of the insured himself when repairing the vehicle for his own damages. The higher the deductible, the lower the insurance premium.

In the event that the casual driver is over 25 years of age and has more than 2 years of driving license, it is not necessary to include the casual driver in the vehicle policy. Conversely, if the driver is under the age of 25 and has less than 2 years of driver’s license, this must be specified in the policy. This inclusion of the occasional driver also leads to an increase in the insurance premium for the vehicle.

Hunting damage is damage caused by a collision with game species: in the event of an impact against an animal (roe deer, wild boar ...), the damage caused is covered as long as the policy has this contracted guarantee. Atmospheric damage is that damage caused to the insured vehicle as a result of events of nature (stone, hail, etc ...).

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