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Civil liability

Civil liability

It is an insurance in which the insurance company undertakes to indemnify the insured for the damage that his patrimony may experience as a result of the claim made to him by a third party. The CR policy, therefore, consists of transferring the cost of the damages caused to third parties that they can suppose for the economy of a natural or legal person.


In addition to being highly recommended for all professionals, liability insurance is also mandatory for certain self-employed people such as gas or electric installers or for professionals who need to be registered by law to practice their profession. .

There are several types of liability insurance. These insurances aim to indemnify the damages caused to a third party. Whether it is bodily, material damage and its financial consequences or merely economic damage. The General Civil Liability (RC General) aims to cover personal and material damages (and their economic consequences) to third parties. Professional Civil Liability (RC Professional) mainly covers financial damages arising from errors, omissions or negligence in the execution of professional activity.

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