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In the most difficult times, you will no longer have to worry about the procedures and formalities in the event of death. This insurance will cover the expenses and all the necessary arrangements to fulfill your will, as well as help your family.


Due to the finalist nature of this insurance, the level of premium level, which, as its name suggests, keeps the premium to be paid throughout the life of the insured constant, and except for capital increases, the premium remains constant. This modality is initially the most expensive, but from retirement, when the purchasing power is lower, the premium is cheaper than any of the other modalities.

Death insurance can become an indispensable product at certain ages and depending on the situation of our loved ones, as they include coverages that protect them, above all, from the expenses that may arise from our death. In fact, its most important guarantees cover burial expenses and related bureaucratic paperwork. We can all take out death insurance although, generally, the older we are, the higher the final premium, as the risk the company takes is higher.

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