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Guarantee your present and future with this insurance. It is an insurance that protects the designated beneficiaries with the capital you want to insure in case of death or disability. We want you to have peace of mind and for your loved ones to be safeguarded with the best support. There are always unforeseen things to solve and expenses that are generated particularly in situations that are very important in our lives such as the education of your children, the purchase of your home, the start of a business venture, and so on. This insurance is the coverage that adapts to your needs, offering you and yours peace of mind for the period you think is convenient. Direct contracting


It is obtained by taking the age corresponding to the nearest, previous or later birthday date at the time of taking out life insurance and, if the period coincides, the future date is taken as a reference. . That is, the actuarial age determines the age range at which the final premium or life insurance premium is calculated. It is essential to know this term in order to understand the general and particular conditions of the policy.   For example, if a person was born on May 28, 1977 and wants to take out life insurance on January 11, 2014, they will have an actuarial age of 37 years, even if it does not correspond to their actual age.

When taking out life insurance, companies always ask for a health questionnaire about the client's condition without the need for a doctor to certify it. It is very important, in these cases, to answer as sincerely as possible and point out any existing ailments or illnesses. If the time comes when the beneficiaries have to receive compensation, if the company detects that there is some kind of irregularity, it can cancel the benefit to your loved ones. On the other hand, there are insurers who, depending on the age of the client or if they have had any previous health problems, can ask for a report from their doctor or even have a medical examination by the company's doctors.

The policyholder can designate the person or persons he wants as beneficiaries of his life insurance and can modify this decision in the future and as many times as he wants during the time that the agreement with the company is in force. .

It is not mandatory but most financial institutions make it a mandatory requirement if you want to benefit from a mortgage loan. It is also not mandatory to take out life insurance with the financial institution that lends you the loan, although there are many entities that commit this abuse

There is no impediment in this regard, the insurance company could simply ask for information
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