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Multirisc of the home


Material damage to the building and / or furniture in the home due to multiple causes is covered. As basic guarantees we find the one of fire, of explosion, the damages by water or the robbery, also includes the guarantee of civil responsibility for the action of the insured or his family like individual inside and outside home. The characteristics of the home must be taken into account when making calculations for insurance. It will take into account the situation, type of construction, the use of the house, whether it is primary or secondary, and security measures, both access and fire protection. Great care must be taken in calculating the capital to be insured. We will help you with everything you may need and provide you with tools to make an inventory of your home.


The contents in a home are the belongings of the landlord or tenant, and of the people who live with it, and who are inside the home. This includes furniture and appliances, personal items, household items, clothing, groceries, decorative items, etc. The higher the value of the insured property, the higher the premium. Jewelry and works of art must be expressly declared, especially if they exceed a value of € 3,000. The mainland is all the elements and materials that are part of the construction and structure of a building or house, ie the set of foundations, floors, walls, partitions, ceilings, doors and windows, as well as parquet, paint and carpet attached to them, and also the fixed installations of water, sanitary ware, gas, electricity etc.

In Andorra according to law no. 51 - year 5 - 28.9.1993 (chapter 7, art. 26), the landlord is obliged to have subscribed and maintain in force an insurance policy that covers the damages that can cause to the tenant and to third parties. The tenant is also obliged to take out an insurance policy that covers at least the risks of fire, explosion, water leaks or leaks and civil liability for water damage

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